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Our Investment Philosophy

Renee Collins Investment Philosophy

Risk/Return – A risk/return tradeoff could easily be called the "ability-to-sleep-at-night” test. Certain investments are riskier than others. They may experience significant dips, but may also have greater expected returns. Our goal is to determine a client’s risk tolerance and time horizon and find investment options that match.

Asset Allocation – An effective strategy for managing risk is to diversify a portfolio. What does this mean? Diversification refers to the mix of investment products in your portfolio. Rather than only have stocks, we may diversify and add other investments, like mutual funds, bonds, or other options.

Active Versus Passive – Active investing involves buying and selling investments regularly to try to achieve short-term profits. A highly involved process, active investors may evaluate price movements of stocks multiple times a day. A passive investor, on the other hand, makes limited buys and sells of stocks, doing so with the goal of long-term appreciation. We pursue both active and passive investing approaches, depending on a client’s needs.

Ongoing Management – Investing is not a one-time occurrence. It is an ongoing event that requires regular monitoring and updates. We aim to meet with clients multiple times a year to review their situation and help them stay on track as they pursue their goals.

Wealth Management Issues – To address clients’ immediate and future needs, we believe in integrating the many elements of wealth management. This includes asset management, debt management, risk management, retirement planning, education planning, estate planning, business planning, and special situations planning.