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Financial Planning for Women

Financial Planning for Women RKC Tax & Financial Services, Inc., is led by a female financial adviser and knows firsthand the unique challenges women face when it comes to financial planning and vesting. Whether they are widowed, divorced, married, or single, more and more women are becoming primary or sole financial decision makers. Statistics state the following:

Longer Life Expectancies. Because women tend to live longer than men, and therefore outlive their spouses, 85% at women at some point will be responsible for managing their family’s assets.1

Lower Pay. Despite the fact that women are working today more than ever, women continue to earn less than men. Since 2004, the women’s-to-men’s earnings ratio has remained around 80%.2 On average, female college graduates initially earn around $31,900, while their male counterparts earn around $40,800. Additionally, women’s pay peaks at age 39, with a median income of $60,000. Men, on the other hand continue to see salary growth until the age of 48, with a median income of $95,000.3

A Late Start in Building Wealth. Women are also more likely to leave and reenter the workforce than their male counterparts, due to the birth of a child or other family responsibilities.

For these reasons and more, women often have unique financial planning needs. Our goal is to provide guidance to women and serve as a trusted partner. We will educate you on your opportunities; address your personal concerns and needs; and work closely with you to craft a plan that guides you to your dreams and leaves you feeling empowered!

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